Everything you need to know about displaying your models


We like to think of it as an exhibition. There’s a competition element, but it’s really more about exhibiting your work. Competitions often have an associated pressure to achieve – to win prizes or get a trophy – but the real pleasure of a model show is seeing what other people have created and being inspired by that.

If you’re a competitive type, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a few prizes, but there shouldn’t be any pressure putting you off if that’s not your scene.

What categories are there?

There are no categories this year – it’s not a formal competition in the usual sense, so it would be silly to separate everything out. We’re also big fans of the whole range of miniature art, so seeing scale models alongside fantasy, sci-fi and historical figures, flat figures and whatever else falls broadly into the hobby would be amazing.

This also means that you don’t need to separate your own works – you can put them all together in one display.

How can I register?

When you arrive, you can register for a space on the display tables. We’ll take your name and give you a spot. That’s all you need to do! If you have any fragile models that you’d prefer the judges don’t handle, we’ll have some stickers you can use to mark them.

How many models can i enter?

As many as you like, as long as they all fit into a 30cm by 30cm space. Everyone who wants to enter will get exactly the same amount of space.

(If we get a truly massive number of entries, we may need to reduce some spaces to make room for others, but we’ll only do that as a last resort and only if there’s room to do so.)

What are the prizes?

We’re offering two prizes this year: Best of Show and People’s Choice. Best of Show will be awarded to the best single model at the show, while People’s Choice will be voted on by everyone who attends on the day.

There’s also a whole bunch of prizes being offered by very generous sponsors, so we’ll probably end up handing out quite a few by the end of the day.

What’s the deadline for entering?

Judging will start at 2pm so models need to be in place at that time. Prizegiving will be held at 3pm (or pretty soon thereafter).