A new model show in the East of England – come along and share your hobby

What is FMS?

FMS is a new show starting in 2022. We’re hoping to expand into a regular feature of the model show calendar, but we need support to make sure it’s worthwhile and that the show is what the miniature painting community needs it to be.

Is it a painting competition?

Yes and no. For the first event, we’re running it primarily as a show for people to bring their models and chat to other painters. There will be a couple of prizes from us and several more from very generous sponsors, but the focus is really more on making it a fun day out for people to share in the hobby.

From next year, the competition will evolve into something very much like the ‘open’ format you see at shows like Scale Model Challenge, the World Expo, etc.

Fundamentally, though, the heart of the show will always be getting miniature painters and sculptors together to share their work.

Why Ely?

Ely is a small city with surprisingly good links to much of the rest of England. It’s also where we live, which makes it easier to run a show there!

More seriously, we’ve been to a number of shows around Europe, and the best ones are in a nice location with other attractions aside from just the show. Having cafes and bars nearby offer you the opportunity to sit down and talk to other painters.

Ely is a very pretty city, with plenty to do and see, and the venue is comfortable, easy to access and well lit – all key features for a model show!