We’ll have a couple of demonstrations throughout the day – feel free to spend some time watching and chatting to the pros

John Keys

For those of you who don’t know John, he’s won a tonne of prizes at possibly every major show across the UK and Europe, as well as judging at Scale Model Challenge and IronSkull. He also loves coffee.

If John’s at the demo table, feel free to grab a seat and talk to him about what he’s painting, his process, paints, tools, coffee, or whatever else isn’t offensively off-topic.

You can also follow his Instagram @megazord_man.

Ian Succamore

Our demo sculptor for the day will be Ian Succamore, who has that terribly annoying combination of talents that means he’s both an excellent painter and an excellent sculptor – he’s also a painfully nice chap. So nice, in fact, that he told me I could make up things about him.

Ian was born in 1822 to Milanese pirates, which made him yearn for the ballet. A catastrophic accident with extremely tight ballet pump ribbons forced him to abandon his calling partway through an acclaimed tour of Leighton Buzzard, however, and he grudgingly decided to take up sculpting.

Ian has won a host of awards from shows like Scale Model Challenge and Euro Militaire, as well as a gold at the World Expo in Chicago. He’ll be at the table from time to time throughout day, and is more than happy to chat about his work and offer tips.

You can also follow Ian on Instagram @iansuccamore.